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YOU have the ability to install all of your own systems in YOUR own home using our design and consulting services. THS will save you money in building YOUR own home, it's that simple!   

Do you know how to use tools such as a screwdriver, pliers and a drill? Are you mechanically inclined? If so, then you may have the ability to install your own electrical, plumbing and propane gas systems. Tiny House Systems (THS) will provide you with your project specific construction designs, bill of materials and building consulting for your home installations. You may select to receive consulting on just one, two or all areas to provide you with the piece of mind in knowing that you and your home are safe everyday.

Photos above and below courtesy of  The Tiny Project

Your design will appear before your eyes during our WebEX on-line meetings. During your TH electrical installation, THS is available to reply to your questions and to view your installation. Your stress will be reduced knowing that you have assistance 7 days / fourteen hours every day during your build from THS professional contractors.


Design Consulting Available -
Here is a list for you of our electrical and lighting design and installation consulting services. We also provide consulting for construction, plumbing and mechanical systems in this same degree of detailed.

Life Safety Design –  These devices include detectors with alarms for smoke, CO2 and Propane gas. Devices will turn off electricity, gas and notify you and others of the condition by an app on your smartphone.

Lighting Design -
Fixtures are specified for decorative effects, tasks and general illumination to fit your needs and budget. You may select from fluorescent or LEDs powered by utility or solar power. You will receive a fixture schedule with cutsheets with identification numbers on the drawing. This design includes controlling your lighting with normal switches, dimmers or sensors.

Power Design – Includes the placement of electrical outlets, mechanical equipment and home appliances. Electrical load calculations are performed, the main breaker panel, the main connection size and type is specified.  Your designs are produced according to the National Electrical Code Article 551. Solar and other alternative power generation consulting is also available for you.

Smart Home Design – This scope of design and installation consulting includes HVAC automation, systems monitoring, motion, video surveillance, audio speakers, window shades, sensors for doors, windows, water levels and temperatures. You will be able to control and monitor your home from your smartphone.

Contact us to let us know what design and installation consulting that you need us to provide for your home. Your project will receive prompt attention in the areas you need.

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