You have just found the best green Tiny House Designer!

We design homes based on what YOU want! Do want a copper roof, bathtub, metal siding, polished white interior or zero net energy? Our extensive building knowledge will enable you to have exactly what you want in your new home, no matter what the size. Send us a link to your favorite home plans and images and we will design it for you!        fyi: We are the engineering nutz and boltz people of your future bespoke tiny house life.  THS makes your design better, your home safer and your construction easier, no matter what type of alternative dwelling you desire. How do we do that for you? A little ol' thing called "sage wisdom".

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Here are several questions to ask a TH builder -

How many homes has that person selling plans or a "how to" book ever built?    Do they have a firm understanding of the International Building Code, National Electrical, Uniform Plumbing Code and Recreation Vehicle Industry Association building requirements? Our company owner has built over 400 homes in his forty plus year professional career. THS affiliated architects and engineers have a combined experience of over 164 years in the building industry. We do not "crack the Codes"!

How do you maintain the air quality in your tiny house?    Far too many of the plans available on-line contain errors in the building methods and system installations. We are not just wagging our finger at them, but how do YOU want your home to be built? Safety is #1 at THS and always will be, it’s just that simple!

Do alternative homes require specialized personal to build them as some builders claim?    In fact they do not!  Any qualified building craftsman has ability to build a smaller than average dwelling. There are no tricks or special skills required for this type of home building that are magically performed. Using our drawings and construction documents will enable ever DIY homeowner to get their project completed knowing it will be safe.

Photos above and below courtesy of  The Tiny Project

Your design will appear before your eyes during our WebEX on-line design meetings. If you select the DIY method to build, THS is available to reply to your questions and to view your installation. Your stress will be reduced knowing that you have assistance 7 days / fourteen hours every day during your build from THS professional contractors.


TH Design / Building Methods -

For the "Do It Yourself" type of construction you will receive custom drawings for your home with step by step instructions. DIY instructions maybe a general overview or extremely detailed.  You may select sub-contractors for the construction or have knowledgeable friends help you to save money.

Built and Delivered –
We will use our established sub-contractors for your homes construction. The delivery of your new tiny house would be performed by uShip using insured drivers to deliver your tiny house safely anywhere nationwide.

Built in Your Hometown –
This is a method for you to watch in person the construction of your home. Select local, professional, insured sub-contractors for every aspect of your new homes construction. These construction techs will have all of the tools and drawings necessary to get you in your new home within several weeks or months depending on your needs. Everything from the trailer to the roof will be purchased from your local suppliers. It may be possible for you to assist with the construction depending on your abilities. The delivery cost would be eliminated.

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